Well-thought-out Ember.js hosting.

Although a frontend framework like Ember.js does not seem to require a complicated hosting stack, there are a lot of things that need to be taken into account to guarantee speed, security and reliability while keeping convenience. We solved this for you with an all-in-one serverless platform.

Our mission.

We strongly believe in being highly productive out of the box, in convention over configuration and forcing best practices in an opinionated platform that gives you standardized and high quality solutions to common problems. That's why we think our platform is well suited for every Ember.js project.

We offer a solution that includes batteries. Where it is no longer necessary to think about the hosting stack, whether it is optimized for speed, provided with the latest security updates and will continue to work while you are on vacation.
This frees up time to improve your app, to spend on marketing or to improve customer loyalty. Or time to spend sleeping better.

  • No need to install anything on your machine. Deploy with the git push command.

  • Pipeline that builds your app for a state of the art serverless environment.

  • Fast Global CDN network. IPv6 included.

  • Managed HTTP/2 HTTPS. Your certificates are renewed on time.

  • Fastboot support. For progressive enhancement, better page rank and conversion.

  • Powered by AWS for top notch performance and reliability.


Deploy your apps to global infrastructure in seconds. The infra grows with you and you only pay for what you use.